Accountancy Fees

Standard Charges and Fees for Accounting Services

What sets us apart from other firms that offer the same standards of professional service and care is that we publish our fees and charging structure. This allows you to review our structure of charging before you even contact us. Most people will concede that it is the standard of service that counts at the end of the day, but cost is of course a very close second. By providing you with our fees, we make the whole decision making process of choosing an accountant just that little bit easier.

There are three fundamental types of clients that approach ACS:

  • Clients that require our complete accounting service (book-keeping, VAT, payroll, annual accounts and tax – regular contact throughout the year).
  • Clients that prepare their own accounting records, and just require ACS to prepare financial statements and provide tax planning at the end of the year.
  • Clients that wish to make use of our general business expertise and IT knowledge on a consultancy basis.

The charges we make for each type of work are as follows:

  • Clients taking advantage of our complete accounting service pay monthly by standing order. The minimum charge starts at £55.00 (inc VAT) per month and is adjusted upwards to reflect the average number of transactions posted each month according to the fee table. Most of our clients using this service pay between £55.00 and £1763.00 (inc VAT) per month.
  • Annual accounts’ fees are based on a time-taken basis. We will be pleased to quote a fixed fee for clients that present their own accounting records, and just require us to prepare year-end financial statements and calculate their tax liability.
  • Training, professional and IT consultancy services are provided at a rate of £85.00 per hour plus 50p per mile and other travel expenses.